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Unlocking Faith, Works, and Belonging in the Bible

Today, let’s dive right into one of the juiciest debates among believers: faith versus works, and the whole shebang about which parts of the Bible are relevant to us today.

Morning of Faith and Fellowship

Wednesday morning was a breath of fresh air, I had a breakfast meeting with my pastor at our favorite local diner. We dug into some delicious Western omelets with sausage and toast as we chatted about life, faith, and everything in between.

Prioritizing Morality with Faith

So, this week I learned a pretty important lesson, and it all came from 1 Timothy chapter 6.

Nurturing Your Marriage with the Fruits of the Spirit

We’re diving into this blog post for a look at how the fruits of the Spirit can spruce up your marriage. From love and joy to patience and self-control, we’ll explore practical tips for cultivating a thriving relationship grounded in biblical wisdom. So grab a seat and let’s dig in!

Navigating Marriage: Practical Wisdom from the Bible

In this blog post, I’m going to explore down to earth advice from the Bible on creating a strong and fulfilling marriage. From everyday communication tips to navigating conflicts, we will uncover steps to build a lasting relationship with your spouse.  Let’s begin!

Reflections on Resurrection Day: Answered Prayers and Abundant Blessings

Yesterday’s Resurrection Day service was truly amazing in every way. Having my adult children join my wife and me was a blessing beyond words. As they navigate through life, I’ve been fervently praying for their spiritual journey, and seeing them in church was a heartfelt answer to those prayers.

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

May the peace and love of our risen Savior fill your heart with joy this Resurrection Day.

Saturday Reflections: Embracing Faith, Fellowship, and Family

Today, I wanted to share a bit about what’s on my mind. First up, let’s talk about the Men’s Saturday breakfast Bible Study. There’s something truly special about coming together with fellow believers over a hearty breakfast and diving into the Word. It’s a time of fellowship, learning, and growth that I always look forward to.

Prayer: Your Direct Line to God

Have you ever experienced the power of prayer in your life? Have you felt the comforting presence of God as you pour out your heart to Him? Prayer is more than just a religious ritual, it’s a profound expression of our relationship with God, a lifeline that connects us to His love, wisdom, and guidance.

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